City of Heroes Celebrates 8th Anniversary

By Stacy Jones -

ItÂ’s hard to believe that itÂ’s already been 8 years since City of Heroes players first donned their capes and took to the streets of Paragon City. Over that time the game has gone through a lot of changes. With the 8th anniversary looming just one day away, the City of Heroes team took some time to reflect on the last 8 years, and how the game has changed since that faithful launch day.

As part of the upcoming festivities, Paragon Studios has posted some new lore teasing an event that will start next week. Along with that, players will also find a free Respec Token, a letter from Matt “Positron” Miller, and a detailed post reflecting on the last 8 years. Videos from that have been included below for a comparison of City of Heroes on launch day and how it appears today since the launch of Issue 22.

Source: 8 Years of City of Heroes - The Successful Journey Continues

Old City of Heroes

New City of Heroes

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