City of Heroes Fans Make Final Push to Save Game

Posted Tue, Nov 27, 2012 by Martuk

Despite petitions, letter-writing campaigns, in-game rallies and the efforts of thousands of players, City of Heroes (CoH) is still scheduled to sunset this Friday. In a final last ditch effort to save their beloved game, a group of fans are reaching out to an unlikely hero to try and make a final effort to save Paragon City. Members of the Save CoH campaign have reached out to Disney Interactive in an effort to convince NCsoft to sell the game so that it can continue.

The fans dispatched a 31 page pitch to Disney yesterday drafted with the help of senior Paragon Studios members. The movement is once again calling on its members for a letter-writing campaign, this time targeting Disney in an effort to convince them to come to the table. Assuming they haven't tapped out their current expenses with that whole Star Wars deal.


While the fans have been extremely passionate about saving the game, it’s going to be a tough challenge to convince Disney that they should invest in the aging CoH, and then convince NCsoft that they should sell it. To say that fans brokering a successful deal between two different companies and then not have any tech licensing issues or other problems get in the way is a long shot would be an understatement. But it would be one heck of a Hale Marry pass if it worked.

CoH is scheduled to shut down for the final time on Friday, November 30th, 2012.

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Hey there, thanks for covering this. Yeah, we know it's one hell of a long shot, but from just the appeal standpoint, I believe we made a pretty good case. Of course, we've got no way of knowing if Disney would consider it anyway, since they don't go buying stuff around on a whim, but if they decide it's worth buying, I don't think NCsoft's directors could afford to refuse - quarter before last they lost six million dollars, they released two blockbuster games yet their investors are fleeing in droves... if word got out they refused money for a property they planned to bury, they'd be a laughingstock.

Thank you, for your article! I should have written to thank you sooner, but I was occupied teaming up and playing with many friends made over the course of 3-1/2 years of subscribing to City of Heroes. This MMORPG is truly a classic, with a devoted fan/customer base estimated at 50,000-100,000 (approx.) To say we care passionately is almost understatement. Kids, parents and grandparents enjoyed casual to daily play, designing their own superheroes. One mom used City of Heroes to teach responsibility in a fun way to her children. There are so many fine features both to this MMO itself as well as the community of players it attracted. While its publisher, NCSoft, did close the City of Heroes on Friday, 11/30, at Midnight Pacific Time, we players and fans are hoping to bring it back as swiftly as Coca-Cola Company brought back Coke Classic after introducing New Coke in 1985.

We are even hoping others who didn't play City of Heroes will join us in letter writing campaigns to help bring back City of Heroes. Over the years, several MMORPGs have ended only to be brought back later. We're hoping sooner rather than later, not only because that would mean we'd get to play again, but that prospective purchasers would see there is an active and devoted community which translates into financial support. We appreciate every assistance in helping us restore this otherwise enduring, critically acclaimed classic. Note also, the latest game update was in open beta at the time of closure. This game has it all: detailed character customization, easy to learn and easy to play, fully optional difficulty settings, LOTS of game content, playable solo or in teams. Even a postcard to Disney suggesting they acquire the rights to City of Heroes would mean a lot. Thanks! And Thanks again for this article, MarTuk and TenTonHammer.

Thank you for the article and for supporting our cause. City of Heroes was an incredibly fun game that allowed me to create my own, unique superheroes better than any other MMO. I was also able to regularly connect with my best friend that lives hundreds of miles away from me. I'm a huge fan waiting to subscribe once the game is picked up by Disney or some other company that recognizes what City of Heroes has to offer. Save City of Heroes!

Their Kickstarter campaign reached its goal in under a week so we sat down with Project Lead, Chris Hare, to learn more about their story.
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