City of Heroes Intrepid Informer Details Time Manipulation Power Set

The Intrepid Informer returns this week with a look at the new Time Manipulation power set in City of Heroes.

Have you ever wanted a hero capable of manipulating time itself? ThatÂ’s the focus of the new Time Manipulation power set for City of Heroes (CoH). This week the Intrepid Informer offers a look at the new support power set with CoH Powers Specialist Phil "Synapse" Zeleski.

One of the key skills in the new power set is Time Crawl, which will slow time down around an enemy, causing their wounds to heal slower and attacks to take longer. The effects of all other Time Manipulation skills are also enhanced against the affected enemy.

Zeleski also previews several of the power sets other powers and offers some tips and tricks to using them effectively. Time Manipulation will be a new power set for Defenders with Issue 21: Convergence.

Source: CoH Intrepid Informer

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