City of Heroes Reveals the First Ward

City of Heroes has revealed a new piece of Freedom content with the forsaken and forgotten First Ward.
City of Heroes: Freedom will bring more than a new free-to-play option to the game and this week we've got a sample of what else the update has in store for players with a preview of the First Ward. The First Ward is said to be the place where Praetoria was to blossom and expand, however, it instead became the first place that Emperor Marcus Cole would face a no-win scenario.

In the battle with Hamidon and the Devouring Earth, Cole and the First Ward hero defenders watched in horror as their efforts to defend the city by use of force and a new sonic fence technology were thwarted when Hamidon launched his secret weapon, destroying the city from within. In an effort to stop HamidonÂ’s advances, Cole approved a plan to plug the hold in the sonic fencing, which left all life in the center of the First Ward condemned to death.

Now the First Ward remains a disaster area by proclamation of Cole, but those that know its secret also know that the barrier between the living and the dead is stretched all too thin.

Check out the full preview on the City of Heroes website.

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