City of Heroes Producer Explains Content Changes and Preserving the Classics

Posted Wed, Jun 01, 2011 by Martuk

City of Heroes (CoH) has changed a lot in recent years, but what happens when older nostalgic content is changed or updated? Original launch content can sometimes become a nostalgic staple piece for MMOG players. But all too often updates will be made that will revamp that content, removing its original form from the game forever.

In this month’s “Producer’s Letter”, CoH Producer Nate "Second Measure" Birkholz explains how important the experience from older content is and how the team makes every effort to allow players the chance to experience that content in its original form when updates are made.  

One of the drawbacks of updating existing content is that the original content is replaced. When we make these updates, we go to great lengths to avoid permanently removing things from the game. Fortunately, the Menders of Ouroboros give you the ability to experience some of this legacy content in its original state, or near to, and you can still play the old version of Story Arcs or Task and Strike Forces if you wish. When we must remove content, we try to bring it back when we have the technology or a great idea about how to make it work.

The letter also briefly touches on future update plans that will add a new zone to the game and several improvements to the early gameplay experience.

Source: City of Heroes “Producer’s Letter”

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