NCsoft Selling Off All Shares of NC Interactive

Posted Thu, Dec 13, 2012 by Martuk

A pair of reports from Reuters reveals some of NCsoft’s plans for the future in NA and EU. A Reuters report explains that the publisher is planning to sell off all of its more than 800 million shares in online service NC Interactive for just under $73 million USD. A second report reveals that NCsoft is looking to establish a new subsidiary in the US that will be in charge of its NA and EU businesses.

In a quote to Polygon, an NCsoft representative assured fans that the move will not affect NCsoft, ArenaNet or Carbine employees, and that the move is aimed at strengthening the western teams by allowing them to be "more independent and more agile." So rest easy Guild Wars 2 and WildStar fans.

via GamePolitics
Sources: Reuters #1, Reuters #2, Polygon

So it's basically just internal reshuffling of assets, a rename or two - I'm a bit skeptical about the "more independent" line too, it would be quite the about-face from NCsoft's usual management approach. I wish ArenaNet and Carbine all the luck - I think they'll still need it.

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