Paragon Market Detailed for City of Heroes

Posted Wed, Aug 03, 2011 by Martuk

Even free-to-play games need a way to generate revenue to keep the lights on and Paragon Studios has revealed new details about how City of Heroes (CoH) will continue to turn a profit while allowing free gameplay using the new Paragon Market. The new market will use currency known as Paragon Points, which can be purchased from the market or through an authorized partner. The points can in turn be used to purchase in-game services and items. The expected exchange rate for the new currency is 400 Paragon Points for $5.00 USD. But VIP players (subscribers) will also receive 400 points a month as part of their subscription.

The marketplace will contain a number of new and old items that can be purchased using the points and a short list of some of the things that will be available as well as their expected price (subject to change) is now available. The cheapest item on the list currently is a Wizard Beard priced at 20 Paragon Points, roughly $0.25. At the high end of the list is the five character slots option priced at 1,600 Paragon Points or $20.00. More items will be available with the market's launch that includes additional character slots, new costumes Inspirations and more. Head over to the official CoH website and check out the current sample list of items and their prices for more details.

Source: CoH Paragon Market

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