City of Heroes Unleashes its Wild Side with New Animal Pack Screenshots

City of Heroes is taking a walk on the wild side with the announcement of a new Animal Pack and we've got a bundle

City of Heroes is taking a walk on the wild side with the announcement of a new Animal Pack and we've got a bundle of new images to show off what the new pack has to offer. The new Animal Pack will bring lots of new customization options to the superhero-based MMOG, including over 60 new costume parts and patterns, 6 new emotes, two new auras and one new traveling power - Beast Run. The new pack will be available on February 23rd for $8.99 via the NCsoft store. Check out all the latest images below.

CoH-Beast-Run-Power CoH-Cats CoH-Eagle
CoH-Feathers CoH-Tiger-Shirt CoH-Minos
CoH-Animalpack-Boxart Amphitheatre

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with City of Heroes Animal Pack

Players Get Ready to Embrace Their Animal Instincts

BRIGHTON, UK –  8th February, 2011 - NCsoft®, the world's premier publisher and developer of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, and Paragon Studios®, home of the worldÂ’s most popular super-powered MMO, City of Heroes®, are excited to announce the wildly anticipated City of Heroes Animal Pack. Building on the most comprehensive character customisation tools in the market, players will now be able to create their characters with the traits of the worldÂ’s most powerful beasts.

As players get in touch with their inner animal the City of Heroes Animal Pack brings a slew of new feral features to help bring their animalistic personas to life. In addition to physical upgrades including new heads, body patterns, tails and customisable manes and teeth, players can also enjoy moving with the elegance of a deadly predator using the new Beast Run travel power.

A complete list of features includes:

  • Over 60 New Costume Parts and Patterns: Mix and match between a series of new Feline, Avian, Minotaur and Wolf costume pieces to create fierce mythological beasts or noble guardians of nature.
  • 6 New Emotes: Allowing players to activate new Savage, Hiss and Sniff emotes along with a series of animal-themed costume change emotes including Feather Burst, Fur Bust, Fur Fly and Feather Fly.
  • 2 New Auras: Choose between two new tintable auras, Flea and Beastly Rage, that can be enabled for combat or always be active.
  • 1 New Travel Power – Beast Run: Available at level 4, characters can now run like a savage beast with the new Beast Run travel power, pouncing through the concrete jungles known as the Rogue Isles, Paragon City and Praetoria while stealthily stalking and attacking their prey at every turn.

The City of Heroes Animal Pack will be available for purchase on 23rd February, for £5.99 EUR 8.99 at the NCsoft store. For more information on City of Heroes and the City of Heroes Animal Pack please visit the website, here.

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