City of Steam CEO Lays Out Plans for Improvements

CEO Dave Lindsay lays out the development plans to refine City of Steam’s tutorial and learning curve as open beta approaches.

Mechanist Games CEO and City of Steam Creative Lead Dave Lindsay posted a new missive to the community today to discuss some of the planned improvements as the MMORPG approaches its open beta launch. After offering his thanks to the players that helped put the game through its paces in closed beta, Lindsay laid out a list of things that the devs will be focusing on for improvement as the game heads into open beta.

The short version of changes you can expect to see are adjustments to streamline the difficulty curve, better clarification of stats, better training and tips not specifically locking them into the tutorial, an overhaul to quests and quest tracking, better refinements of other systems and areas of the game such as the menu bar, backpacks and crafting window, and more.

You can read the full post on the City of Steam website for all the details.

Source: City of Steam – A Word from Dave

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