City of Steam Early Beta Access Starts May 10th

Posted Fri, Apr 26, 2013 by Martuk

City of Steam’s open beta is coming, just not yet. Mechanist Games today announced that they will be holding an early access beta event prior to the start of open beta. The event is set to begin on May 10th and will once again utilize codes for access. Newsletter subscribers and Collaborators are guaranteed a code for the event, so if you’re currently neither, you may want to at the least sign up for the newsletter.

While there is currently no plans to wipe characters for the event, Mechanist Games does include a disclaimer in the announcement that if something “REALLY problematic” happens during testing, a wipe may occur, but they’ll try to avoid it at if possible. The beta event will be somewhat limited at the start to allow more focused testing with only 3 of the game’s classes being made available (Gunner, Arcanist, Warden) and 4 of its races (Heartlanders, Stoigmari, Avens and Ostenians). The fourth class and other 7 races will be added gradually throughout the event.

The post also teases a huge number of changes that more will be revealed about later. Some of the new changes include a new skill/talent system, a new crafting system, new zones, cosmetics, dungeon changes, and more, so stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime, head over and check out the latest blog for yourself and sign up for the newsletter for a beta key to next month’s event.

Source: City of Steam Beta Announcement


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