Reality Squared Games Signs on to Publish City of Steam

Posted Tue, Jan 22, 2013 by Martuk

There’s a new City of Steam (CoS) publisher in town and its name is Reality Squared Games (R2Games). The publisher has been tapped by Mechanist Games to handle the publishing duties for the English version of CoS. You may know R2Games from some of their other published titles such as Wartune, Crystal Saga, and Castlot, so what does the new publisher mean for CoS? Well, according to Mechanist Games, a Pay2Win model isn’t something that you’ll need to worry about suddenly appearing.

“First off, the game isn’t going to magically change into some Pay2Win hell-hole where we’re rolling around in millions of dollars while cackling to each other in druidic tongue. Although we do hope to be rolling around in millions of dollars at some point, if we do it’s going to be in a way that doesn’t involve drinking ourselves to sleep every day because we hate ourselves so much. So eh, let’s not do that.”

Mechanist Games believes that the move will bring a lot more players to the game and there will be some minor changes to the CoS website and forums as the game transitions to R2’s platform.

Source: CoS R2Games Announcement

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