CrimeCraft Unleashes New ACD Game Mode Media

Vogster has revealed new media that previews CrimeCraft's latest team-based game mode - Assault, Capture, Destroy.
CrimeCraft's summer update added a host of new improvements and features to the online shooter. But headlining the update is the new objective-based game mode, Assault, Capture, Destroy (ACD) in which two teams battle for control of a respawning Defense Core. We recently received a batch of new images and a video embed showcasing the new game mode and you check them out after the break.

Head over to the official CrimeCraft website to learn more and start playing.

crimecraft_CorrosiveBullet crimecraft_DefendingDowntown crimecraft_Crossfire
crimecraft_Hungry4Lead crimecraft_DefendUntilDeath crimecraft_Downpour
crimecraft_LastHope crimecraft_OnTheCore

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