Mark Jacobs Talks Camelot Unchained Subscriptions, RvR, and More

Mark Jacobs discusses more about Camelot Unchained’s RvR system, player housing, and how many subscriptions will satisfy the investment cost.

OnlineWelten recently had the chance to speak with City State Entertainment co-founder and Dark Age of Camelot creator Mark Jacobs in a post-Kickstarter interview about his new project, Camelot Unchained. Jacobs tackled a number of questions in the interview in which he explained that 50k subs would satisfy the investment for Camelot Unchained, how involved crafters will be in the world, the combat system, and the challenge of finding investors for a niche MMORPG.

“I spoke to a number of different investors and their answer was the same, the game is too niche and not worth the risk. There would be much more interest if I was willing to do a bigger game but I’m not. I want to do one thing, RvR, and do it better than I did with Dark Age of Camelot or Warhammer.”

Jacobs had plenty more to say about Camelot Unchained. Read the full interview at OnlineWelten.

Thanks to Mikkel for the tip.

Source: OnlineWelten

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