Dark Age of Camelot Launches 1.110 Update

Patch day has arrived for Dark Age of Camelot and that means a New User Journey and load new changes.

1.110 patch day is here for Dark Age of Camelot and with it the New User Journey, which revamps the tutorial areas of the three faction lands and a host of other changes. Included in the update are new changes to Battlegrounds to make them a one stop source for character progression and RvR action and a load of of class changes.

Additionally, there have been new UI updates added and potions have become more convenient. Be sure you also pay the rent because house rent is back on as of today.

Check out the Dark Age of Camelot 1.110 patch notes for a full list of the latest changes.

Source: Dark Age of Camelot 1.110 Patch Notes

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