Darkfall: Unholy Wars Pre-Orders Now Available

Adventurine updates its website and rolls out the pre-orders option and details for Darkfall: Unholy Wars.

If youÂ’re ready to dive into the world of Darkfall: Unholy Wars now is your chance. Adventurine has revealed pre-order details for the game that includes beta access and 30 days of game time following the official launch, which was delayed a second time last week.

  • Discount pricing:
    • Returning Darkfall players: Price of the subscription (14.95)
    • New players get 25% off (29.95)
  • Beta Access
  • 30 Days Game time after official launch
  • Reserve your Character name

The pre-order for Darkfall: Unholy Wars is priced at $29.95 with recurring subscriptions priced at $14.95/30 days.

Additionally, the Darkfall website has been re-tuned to reflect the upcoming Unholy Wars. Head over and give it a look.

Source: Darkfall: Unholy Wars Pre-Order

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