DayZ Creator Dean Hall Departing Bohemia Interactive

Posted Mon, Feb 24, 2014 by Martuk

Dean Hall, the man behind the popular ARMA II mod, DayZ, and the full release game by the same is departing Bohemia Interactive to found his own studio. DayZ, which hit Steam’s early access back in December, became one of the most successful early release titles on the platform, selling over 1 million copies in its first month alone and currently sits at over 1.5 million community members. Development is ongoing for the title’s full release, and will be continued by Hall’s current team at Bohemia Interactive.

Eurogamer reported the news of Hall’s upcoming departure. According to their report, Hall will start his own studio in New Zealand, where he will continue to create the perfect multiplayer game.

 "I am a grenade," Hall told Eurogamer. "I have a specific use. I'm really good at risk-taking and making other people take risks, I've always been good at that in my life. Like you say, maybe I've got the gift of the gab, so I can talk, I can explain something, I can talk people up to the ledge and get them to jump off it.

"But eventually, that's the bad person to have” Hall continued. “Eventually, you don't want the guy telling you to go over the top and get through. So at some point I'll be a disaster for the project, at least in a leadership role.

Hall also told Eurogamer that he never intended to stay this long, but the unexpected success of DayZ kept him on. And while Hall will be departing the studio and the DayZ project at some point, he will remain available to Bohemia as long as they need him.

"I would extend my involvement here as long as Bohemia wanted - needed - me," he stressed. In other words, there's flexibility.

You can read Hall’s full interview at Eurogamer for more about his DayZ thoughts and where he sees himself headed in the future.

Source: Eurogamer


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