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There is something undeniably hot about a mild-mannered reporter with thick glasses and a clumsy demeanor who rips his clothes off at a moment’s notice to save the world.   I am, of

There is something undeniably hot about a mild-mannered reporter with thick glasses and a clumsy demeanor who rips his clothes off at a moment’s notice to save the world.   I am, of course, writing of the beloved Superman.  This Man of Steel is a big part of the DC Universe Online experience and story so it is time to get to know this wondrous alien in tights to know just who you are dealing with when you hit the streets of Metropolis.

Name: Superman, Clark Kent, or his birth name of Kal-El

DCUO Voice Actor: Adam Baldwin

Homeworld:  Planet of Krypton

Powers: Super strength, speed, flight, breath, invulnerability, and various vision effects.

Alignment: Good

Affiliations: Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Justice League.

DCUO Headquarters: The Watchtower

Arch Nemesis: Lex Luthor

First Appearance in DC Comics: 1938

Little Known Fact: Ever wonder what is up Luthor’s butt when it comes to Superman? As youngsters, these two used to hang out until the Superboy foiled one of Luthor’s plots and burned off all his hair. Yeah, being permanently bald might ruin my century as well.

As part of the amazing crime fighting mega trio (with Batman and Wonder Woman), Superman brings to the table amazing powers that are truly other-worldly. No gimmicks and no gadgets, but instead this alien to Earth weilds powers are a direct result from the planet’s yellow sun.  The super hero was born on a planet called Krypton which was completely destroyed leaving Superman as the last survivor of his race (or so we thought until Supergirl).  His loving biological parents, Jor-El and Lara, managed to launch their infant son off into space where he landed in Smallville Kansas. It was here where he was found by his new adoptive parents, Sam and Molly Kent, who loved the child who they named Clark, raised him as their own and supported him even as his weird powers emerge.

As a teen, Clark’s parents broke the news and truth of how and where they found him. They had kept and hidden his nifty little space pod as evidence (because the super powers weren’t evidence enough that something was a little odd), which they showed to Clark.  It was this revelation of his interesting origin and resolution of what must have been an epic teenage identity crisis that inspired Clark to embrace who he was becoming and use his powers to protect the world that had become his home.

I can do that too...No, really!

Clark headed out into the world, did the whole college thing (x-ray vision must have been handy there!), then he finally landed a gig with the Daily Planet in Metropolis as a reporter.  Here, he found his place in society in what has to be the most crime infested city in the entire world and one of the star cities in DCUO.  When Superman isn’t fighting the everyday sort of crime, he’s waging war against his very cranky arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. It is this super genius who finally spawns the storyline for the game.

As one of the oldest super heroes ever, Superman has had a long and eventful existence. He’s been a part of countless comics, radio shows, TV series, and movies that have capture generation after generation. Even today, many decades after Superman’s birth, you’ll spot little kids on Halloween (or grown overweight men at conventions) donning the iconic blue tights and red cape.  His next incarnation in DCUO will be no less impressive than any other medium he’s graced and whether you are fighting side by side with Supes or against him, it’ll prove to be an event to remember!

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