DCUO Iconic Battlesuit Guide

Posted Wed, Mar 23, 2011 by Savanja

Part of the coolness of having DC Universe Online characters at cap is the joy of earning some very pimp armor that mimic the style of the heroes and villains that we adore.  These armor sets take a lot of dedication to earn, but with some hard work you can get one of your very own!  Find out how, and get a look at these iconic battlesuits right here in this battlesuit guide.

Iconic battlesuits are purchased with a very specific currency in game.  All the cash in the world won't get you these babies!  Marks of Triumph purchase the tier one PvE battlesuits and can be earned through duos and hard-mode alerts.   Marks of Distinction purchase the tier two PvE battlesuits and can be earned through raids and the daily duos and hard-mode alerts.  Marks of Victory are a PvP currency and can be earned through Legends battles and arenas.  There are also PvP suits that are earned through Influence and purchased at influence merchant kiosks in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom.

Hero Battlesuits


Hero battlesuits can be purchased primarily in the Watchtower.  You'll find the locations of each of the armor merchants on the marked map.


PvE tier one battlesuits purchased with 400 Marks of Triumph for the full set.


STEELsuit MK-1 sold by Steel in the Tech Wing.

Speed-Force Spectrum sold by Flash in the Meta Wing.

Fate's Faith sold by Raven in the Magic Wing.


PvE tier two battlesuits purchased with 400 Marks of Distinction for the full set.


Dark Specter Batsuit sold by Batgirl in the Tech Wing.

House of El Warsuit sold by Power Girl in the Meta Wing.

Hera's Strength sold by Donna of Troy in the Magic Wing.


PvP tier two battlesuits purchased with 810 Marks of Victory for the full set.


Nth-Metal Battlesuit sold by Hawkgirl in the Meta Wing.

Aegis of Eternity sold by Aquaman in the Magic Wing.

Raptor's Infiltrator sold by Robin in the Tech Wing.


Villain battlesuits are just on the next page!


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