DCUO Catwoman Instance Walkthrough

DC Universe Online strives for challenge in the level 30 missions and that is exactly what you will find when you face off with Catwoman.  The Gotham University Warehouse has plenty of surprises so to make sure you make your way through with as few snags as possible, use this walkthrough as your guiding light.

Included in this zone is the global investigation Five-Clawed Treasures and the global briefing Wishful Thinking.  Keep an eye out for the green and blue icons scattered throughout the zone and be sure to check at the end of the final battle that you have them all before exiting the instance.

<i>Little surprises like to hide in the shadows, watch for them!</i>

Notice to the left of the barricaded officer that the wall has flashes of light across it every little bit.  It is here that you need to break through. You continue this wall breaking path all the way into the next room, the flashing walls will be your guide.  The tiger lords in the room aren't too tough, but they will leap onto you all at once so AoEs are helpful.

After the first room, you'll come to Catwoman.  She wants you to retrieve that cat's eyes for her and being as hot as she is, we do it.  The first eyes are the cat eyes of agility. Down this path you will find tiger lords and stealthed panthers but like the first room, they aren't tough but they do like to come in groups. At the end of this path, you'll face off against Tiger Eye.  His special move is a stun plus damage so either watch for it and avoid it (better option) or break the stun immediately so you aren't losing silly amounts of health.  Return to Catwoman and replace the eye of agility.

Next is the cat eye of speed.  The cheetahs are really annoying as they will pop in, smack you, then run away.  If you have an AoE stun, it's nice to run through, aggro several, stun whatever was dumb enough to follow you, then beat them down quickly.  After you made it through these guys, you have to drop down and face the gas filled pipes.  Utilize your movement skills in here.  Stay up and off the pathway because the cheetahs that are running through will knock you back every time they come by.  Turn off the valves, and stick around for your free health boost (emitted by the valve switch) if you need it.  At least once you'll be attacked by a panther after switching off a valve.

<i>The final battle proves that cats do indeed have nine lives.</i>

At the end of this path, you take down Cheetah Claw.  He hops around a lot but that's not a bad thing because you need to close the gas valves in this room if your health is ticking down too fast. Lady cheetah adds will come in every now and again, but you don't really need to focus on them at all, just toss out AoEs or nab them after Claw is down.  Return back to Catwoman and place the eye of speed.

Now onto the eye of power.  Down this route you will be dispatching lions and lionesses and winning the support of lion cubs who follow you around and act as your minions.  At the end of this path, you meet up with Lion Mane, who holds the eye of power.  The little lion cubs do their very best to help you out, but alas they get taken out in the first of the AoEs this big guy deals out.  Avoid his special damage and stun and keep heals handy.  He is pretty persistent and doesn't have big bursts of damage, but he does take forever to kill.

On your way out after fighting Lion Mane, you come to a room that has a few more of the lions in it. Be careful in here because the final cat eye holder, Panther Fang, is hiding over by the door lever that you will need to activate to get back to Catwoman.  Stay a long distance away from that mechanism while taking out the lions otherwise you might have more than you can handle.  Move towards to the door when you are ready to take on Panther Fang who holds the eye of stealth.  His special move basically knocks you down and smothers you.  You can avoid most of the damage by bracing for it, but he does it really often.  Just like with Lion Mane, keep heals on board because you'll likely need them.  Get back to Catwoman and place both the eyes of power and stealth then stand back because the big fight is incoming!

<i>These spirits seem just a teeny bit angry.</i>

So you know how cats have nine lives?  Well they definitely do here.  Catwoman becomes possessed by the spirit of the cats and you have to defeat her nine times.  This stage can be frustrating and I kept breaking the fight my first time through and having to start it over.  I found this happens when I step too far away from Catwoman at the edges of the room.  Try to stay close to the center and stifle the need to hide in the corners when she's getting all scary like with the freaky cat demons.  Make note of the location of the health barrels before the fight starts because you will probably need them.  They respawn too so between Catwoman's lives, you can get to one quickly, smash it and soak in the health as the next fight starts.

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