DCUO Boss - The Huntress

Posted Mon, Jan 10, 2011 by Savanja

The Huntress likes to play hide and seek which she does quite often.  Lock target onto her and attack when you can see her.  She'll disappear, pop out, and then hit you with a barrage of arrows.  If the arrows are doing a lot of damage to your delicate spandex suit, then you can always dive behind a pillar to avoid some of the damage.

After a bit, the room will fill with police officers that you'll have to deal with.  AoEs come in handy because The Huntress will still be gunning for you as well.  Once the police are gone (stomped under your awesome boot to be sure), she will use arrow bolts that do quite a bit of damage.  Block or dodge those puppies then get back to kicking her butt.  She goes back to jumping in and out of the shadows again so if you happen to have a skill that will ground her and drag her back to you, use it!

It can take a bit to burn through this fight.  It might take a cycle or two but just remember to do as much damage as you can when you can get near her and utilize ranged when you can't.



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