DCUO Boss - Power Girl

Go into instances prepared! Always make sure you have a good supply of consumables, in this case have a stack of soder colas on hand. If you leave the instance prior to completing the mission, you'll have to start it over again.

After speaking with Parasite, attack and kill the meta-powered students found along the back walls of the Library. Once you have captured your first four, speak to Parasite then follow him north to the office and labs and capture another four students. As you go be sure to grab the box of goodies in the north eastern corner of the instance. Now that you have turned all the students outside the force field, it is time to go after Powergirl!

To be able to do any damage to Powergirl at all, you have to turn the students in the ampatheater first. Powergirl lets off a big AOE stun followed by additional damage, so it is best to stay out of her way completely. Snatch the students while avoiding Powergirl until you have gotten enough to weaken her. At this time, Powergirl will become vulnerable to damage but she still fights back so be careful. You are locked into the room and you won't tick up in health while in battle, so be sure to have a full stack of soder colas on hand because you will need them. If you have ranged skills, use those. Parasite and his minions will do consistent damage to Powergirl so you really only need to not die while continuing to assist Parasite in the fight.

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