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DCUO Boss - Superman

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You get some help along the way but since this is an impressive zone, you'll find yourself very thankful you have it. Everything comes in groups, so AoEs are super important here and if you get into trouble it is really handy to have a supercharge damage skill to help you if you need it.

When you get to the room with the laser turrets, there is a console where you can disable them. The pulses come in waves so the very moment the pulses break, hit E on the console. You get barely enough time to use it uninterrupted so be quick. The next set of turrets seem to be far enough back that you can easily avoid the fire while resetting them.

The final battle is against none other than Superman himself! Assist Lex in his fight against the Man of Steel. You need to activate the kryptonite to make Superman defeatable. You'll see the green glow all over the room when the kryptonite is active. When it wanes, and the green disappears, run back to the activator quickly and get the kryptonite going again. After you've done this a few times and Superman is low on health, you get a timer to finish off Superman or his health regens. Pull every trick out that you have to burn him down. It is smart to make sure you have a fair amount of power available for the end few seconds so you don't have to do the fight again.

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