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DCUO Boss - Wonder Girl

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Most of the zone is self explanatory and fairly easy. The end fight makes up for this though. When you finally get to the end room with Wonder Girl and Giganta, you need to run into the crystals in the room to disrupt them. They knock you around, but that part is simple. Now, Wonder Girl and Giganta begin their battle.

Your job is to protect Giganta while attempting to defeat Wonder Girl. If you are doing this at level, Wonder Girl does a lot of damage when she turns her attention to you, so the best way to survive this is to get up close and attack Wonder Girl then as your health gets low, move back and use a ranged ability and heal up with a consumable. Go back and forth until Wonder Girl is finally defeated. Even if Giganta has been knocked down, you can still finish the fight and the zone.

If you're a level or two higher, the damage is far less and you can just get in there and knock out combo after combo to slowly work down Wonder Girl's health.  It's still a long fight, but being higher level helps out a lot.

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