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Gadgets made Batman's crime fighting career and if you ever thought that his toys really were the most wonderful, then you definitely need to play the Gadget powerset in DC Universe Online.  Aside from just being darned fun to play, the Gadget powers have particularly good use in groups and yet they still manage to work well for solo players.  Gadget powerset is a controller class so you can look forward to lots of stuns and tricks of the trade that will keep your enemies at bay.

Weapon skill choice is going to be important when you decide to make a Gadget character.  With so many stuns, debuffs, and ranged powers, part of the fun of the class is that you can ensnare a foe and open up damage with your weapon skills.  At the recommendation of another player I tried out the rifle and I've enjoyed the combo quite a but, but I can see pistols also working very nicely too if the player is looking to go strictly ranged.  If you'd rather focus more on stealth attacks, then two-handed is nice for big bursts of surprise damage.

Say hello to my lil friend.

The Gadget traits are broken down into traps and tricks.  Traps traits focus on snaring and fearing with some damage powers and your very useful Stealth ability. It also helps boost your critical damage which is essential for stealthed attacks.  The Tricks traits have more damage powers as well as the Gadget player's one heal.  It's hard to pick which route to go at first in order to build your loadouts since both trees offer so much, but there are certainly some powers that we know you won't want to play without.

Damage Dealers

Unlike the Mental powerset, Gadget seems to have a bit more damage potential.  This class works best when you use your powers to stun and damage, then use your weapon skills to finish your target off.  A good example of this is the Tricks starting power Sticky Bomb.  It stuns your target then blows to do impressive damage allowing you to either attack with ranged weapon or move in freely to attack close-ranged. Right after you pick that up, you'll want to add Intimidation to your loadout. This power gives you a boost in damage for a brief time which makes it a great opening power at any level.  The turret powers have been getting mixed reviews and when trying them myself, I didn't have any luck with them.  In the time it takes to deploy turrets, I can use another power and actually do some real damage.  Instead, work towards getting your Bomb power which is really nice to have.  Finally, from the Tricks traits, pick up your supercharge Asphyxiation Gas.  It offers a lot of ka-boom for only a 50% supercharge.

From the Traps trait tree, work towards picking up Gauss Grenade and Neural Neutralizer.  These are both good damage powers but they are mid-level so work on the powers in your Tricks tree first then start after these big boys. If you'd like to have a big hitting supercharge power available to you, go for Bunker Buster.  It's a 100% supercharge which might give it limited use, but it's nice to have in an emergency.

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Need something stunned? Gadgets can do that!

The Gadget powerset is one of the two controller classes and really well suited to group gameplay.  Setting up your loadout with the best powers will be important to be effective in group situations and it can take a bit of research to find the magic combination.  Most of your powers will probably come from the Traps trait tree starting out with Defibrillator.  It restores power to three of your teammates. It should be your three most fatigued but there is some question as to how well this is working, but some power restored to someone is good, right?  You'll also want to do as much stunning and fearing as possible.  Angry enemies don't hit you if they're feared! Fear Gas and Cryo-Foam are both nice for this.  Also, grab Sleep Dart which is great for multi-enemy encounters.  You can keep a mob locked down with this and if you picked up Stealth, it won't break it.

Looking at the Tricks traits, there are a couple here that can be very useful on a controller loadout.  Hide is handy for controllers who don't want to be noticed during combat.  With the good controller powers from the Traps traits, you may want to grab one or two of the damage powers or a supercharge damage power. If you're having trouble with surviving, then instead you might want to add Anesthetic which is a 50% supercharge power that restores your health.

As a controller, you want a fine line between honoring your role and participating in damage. Keeping a good combination of both types of powers will give you good flexibility in group combat.

Are you an expert Gadget player?  Stop on by our forums and share your wisdom!  New players and potential Gadget fans will thank you for it.

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