DCUO: Player Brief Guide - Gotham Gang War

Updated Thu, Feb 10, 2011 by borticus

Welcome to part two in our continuing mission to provide all of you spandex-clad heroes and villains with complete and accurate guides to DC Universe Online's Player Brief collections.

This is the symbol for the Player Brief type of exploration feat.

For a complete introduction to these fun and elusive feats, please check out our first guide here at Ten Ton Hammer: Survival of the Fittest.

In this week's guide, we'll be moving over to the gloomy streets of Gotham City. Something is amiss among the criminal elite of this city's dank underground, and it seems as though the various organizations are on the brink of an all-out gang war!

In the midst of this turmoil, several communication snippets have been left strewn about the city, ready to be picked up by observant do-gooders (or do-evilers ... is that a word?) to assist in getting to the bottom of the mystery. Who's behind it all? How is Batman going to stop it?

In addition to the costume piece rewards that come from this mission, there's an added incentive to picking up each of these tokens in the form of extra voiceovers! The iconic voices of Mark Hamill (as The Joker) and Kevin Conroy (as Batman) make up approximately half of the audio clips you'll hear as you complete this Player Brief. These great voices alone are more than enough to warrant a quick trip around the city to pick up this entire set.

Gotham's Gang War

"Gotham's Gang War" is a meta-achievement, comprised of two separate collections of six tokens each.

For each of these 6-token collections, you will receive a prize in the form of a unique costume piece.

The final prize for completing both collections is a unique costume piece that fits in your head slot, that resembles the infamous and terrifying luchador mask of Bane.

Gotham Gang War - Reward
Luchador Mask (Head Slot)


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