DCUO: Player Brief Guide - Survival of the Fittest

Updated Thu, Feb 03, 2011 by borticus

Feats abound in DC Universe Online (this game's "Achievement" equivalent) and range from defeating a particularly difficult mission without being knocked out to reaching a certain level, and everything in between. Exploration feats, which are broken down into Investigations (Green !s), Player Briefs (Blue !s) and Collections (Yellow ?s), are some of the easiest to complete while also being among the most frustrating to track down. For the first few articles in this series, I'll be focusing on the Blue ! type - Player Briefs. These little holographic tokens can hide anywhere you can imagine - under bridges, behind stacks of boxcars, the tops of roofs, tucked into an alcove halfway up a highrise, etc. 

This is the symbol for the Player Brief type of exploration feat.

They also occasionally disappear! These tokens despawn after they've been interacted with. So if you're just casually flying/gliding/zipping through the city you may miss one simply because another hero or villain picked it up a few moments before you got there. If you don't know it's supposed to be there, you may never return to that location for your shot at these special feats.

And that's where these guides come in! In this series of articles, I'll be offering maps and screenshot tips on tracking each of these illusive tokens down, as well as telling you about which rewards you can expect from completing each particular set of Player Briefs.

I would like to preface this guide with the disclaimer that this guide may be skewed in favor of fliers, over those that have chosen acrobatics or superspeed as their travel power of choice. In fact, the Feats themselves are crafted in such a way to favor flight. But hopefully with the pictures and maps included, this bias can be overcome.

The tokens for each set can be picked up in any order. The order listed herein is simply the order in which I found and tagged them. Click on any picture for a magnified view of the area surrounding each token's location. The purple beacons shown in some shots should not be used as reliable landmarks, as they may or may not appear for you depending on your level and whether or not you've unlocked certain speed challenges.

Survival of the Fittest

In this first guide, I'll be covering the "Survival of the Fittest" set of investigations. This is a meta-achievement, comprised of two separate collections of six tokens each.

For each of these 6-token collections, you will receive a prize in the form of a unique costume piece.

The final prize for completing both collections is a unique costume piece that fits in your back slot, that resembles the famous wings of Hawkman himself:

Survival of the Fittest - Reward
Hawk Wings (Back Slot)


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