DCUO: Player Brief Guide - 'Til Death Do Us Part

Today's hunt for blue Player Brief tokens will introduce those of you following these guides, to the first multi-zone collection.
Today's hunt for blue Player Brief tokens will introduce those of you following these guides, to the first multi-zone collection. The "Til Death Do Us Part" Player Brief includes two separate collections - one in Metropolis, and one in Gotham City.

This is the symbol for the Player Brief type of exploration feat.

This guide will also be the first that involves dangerous locations! Several of the tokens placed near Gotham University could be considered hazardous to your health. Be forewarned that venturing into this location is a dangerous prospect, and becomes moreso the lower in level you are. Baddies in this particular area are around the level 25-30 range.

Because of these hazards, I'd once again like to warn you that those that take Flight as their travel mode will have a much easier time retrieving this set of Player Briefs. While Acrobats and Speedsters could definitely manage it, I'd recommend waiting until you've obtained either Rocket Glide or Speed Force, as the extra boost in speed and/or maneuverability could save your bacon while retrieving this set of tokens.

The tokens for each set can be picked up in any order. The order listed herein is simply the order in which my League and I found and tagged them. Click on any picture for a magnified view of the area surrounding each token's location. The purple and green beacons shown in some shots should not be used as reliable landmarks, as they may or may not appear for you depending on your level, hero/villain affiliation, and whether or not you've unlocked certain speed challenges.

'Til Death Do Us Part

Uncovering the secrets of Faust's quest for immortality and the Spark of Life will take players on a journey through a low-level neighborhood of Metropolis, and a high-level area of Gotham City.

The payoff for collecting both of these sets is a nice pair of shoulder wear, called the "Wizard Shoulders." While not incredibly eye-catching, it's worth noting that these shoulderpads can be obtained by players of any level, while shoulder gear is usually not otherwise received until your mid-teens or so.

'Til Death Do Us Part - Reward
Wizard Shoulders

Part 1 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

The first and relatively safe portion of this Brief is obtained by scouring the Chinatown district of Metropolis.

Your reward for collecting the first half of this set is a way-too-cute Kabuki Backpack, complete with stuffed panda bear.


1) Street level, in the market NORTH of Madame Xanadu’s. Look for two domed awnings with empty parking lots underneath, two blocks SOUTH of the northernmost waterfront.

2) On WEST ledge of gold and red building with a half arch roof, located on the EAST edge of Chinatown district.

3) On NORTH ledge of the gold and red building with a half arch roof, featuring a large "Stacy’s" billboard. Tucked behind a radio tower.

4) Under a rooftop gazebo, one block NORTH of Mannheim's Theatre, just EAST of grey building with green hotel sign.

5) Rooftop two blocks EAST of Madame Xanadu’s, across the street from NORTHEAST waterfront. Look for a smoking chimney (very few in this area).

6) Rooftop NORTH of empty market (loc #1), tall brick building across the street from northernmost waterfront, with multiple triangle-shaped roof pieces.

Part 2 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

This much more dangerous portion of the Player Brief will take you to the area surrounding Gotham University, in the Burnley District of Gotham City.

Fledgeling wizards will covet your new look from completing this collection, as you'll obtain a very snazzy "Wizard Chest," complete with cuffed sleeves and fancy stitching.


1) Street level, between two apartment buildings EAST of Gotham U tower. NORTH side of the middle set of benches.

2) Rooftop, WEST side of WGTU building two blocks NORTHEAST of Gotham U tower.

3) Street level, alleyway WEST of Gotham Mercy and one block NORTHEAST from the WGTU building

4) Street level, waterfront side of L-shaped building one block NORTH of Gotham U tower.

5) NORTH train platform, two blocks due WEST of Gotham U tower.
(NOTE: This one is the most difficult/dangerous to obtain.)

6) Street level, riverfront gazebo SOUTHEAST of Gotham U tower, waterfront side of southernmost gazebo.


And stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for further guides!

Special thanks to Dat, Ori and the Individuals of Doom (from "New Frontier") for their assistance in obtaining these complete collections, screenshots and maps.

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