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Deciding to go the route of the Mental powerset in DC Universe Online is a fairly brave move.  While still a contender as a solo class with some damage ability, Mental powers clearly shine as a group and PvP class with impressive controller potential.  If you have picked up a Mental powerset character and aren't quite sure what to do with it, believe me, you are not alone.  This powerset has a bit of a learning curve but with a little knowledge, you can have lightening in a bottle with this class.

The first thing you need to know about the Mental powerset is that it is focused primarily on ranged powers.  This means when you create your Mental super hero or villain, you will want to choose a weapon skill that compliments it.  Dual pistols or bow are two weapon sets that work well with the Mental powerset, both allowing you more tools to keep enemies at a distance which is pretty important for a controller class.  If you have chosen a close-range melee weapon skill to go with Mental, it might be a good idea to re-roll otherwise you might be in for a rocky ride.

"Also, I can kill you with my brain." River Tam has nothing on you.

Like all of the powersets, Mental has the two trees in which you choose your powers.  Telekinesis is where most of your damage powers will come from.  It offers some direct damage and a few AoEs.  Illusion is the second trait tree and this one will hold many of your controller powers such as fears and stuns.  Whichever role you are in, you will want a mix of both but some powers are definitely more geared towards specific needs.

Damage Dealers

If you are looking for a straight on damage powerset, Mental is probably not what you are looking for.  Mental powers can do reasonable damage, but there are other powersets that fill the damage role much better.  Certainly every Mental player will want to be in the damage role from time to time though, so there are a few powers that you will want to have on your loadout.  Even in a damage role, you'll also want to have a basic control power on board.  Even one as simple as Telekinesis will hold your target long enough to blast off a couple of damage powers without having to worry about taking damage. At higher levels, Mass Levitation is really nice since it works on more than one target. Once you have one control power on your loadout, you can fill the rest with the Ka-Boom. 

Starting out, Psychic Blades and Psychic Resonance are your best damage powers. As you gain in level, you will probably end up using these a little less, though Psychic Blades is still pretty cool especially at close range on a single target. Later on you'll want to add Pyrokinesis and Telekinetic Bolt. Pyro does some very nice damage and will be a viable power even at level 30.  You'll also want to set aside some room for your 50% supercharge power Bolt Barrage. If you use your weapon skills a lot, you'll be surprised how often you can use your supercharge power and it offers amazing damage.  From the Illusions traits, pick up either Phantom Flames or Psychic Shock to round out your damage loadout.

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Mental powersets really shine in the controller role.  Not only will groups just love you, but you can also be a formidable opponent in PvP.  Just team up with a hardcore damage dealer and double team those unsuspecting suckers.  With so many controller powers to choose from, it might be hard just to pick six!

Illusion shurikens are soo much scarier.

Even the best controller will need to do damage every now and again.  You can pick from any of the damage powers listed above but if I were to be able to only pick one to use, I'd go with Pyrokinesis.  You can also go full out controller powers and rely on your weapon skills for damage which will also work but it's kind of nice to have some damage power in your lineup.  First, if you're playing in groups more often than not, you will want to pick up Psychic Empowerment. It restores power to your most fatigued players in your group. There has been a lot speculation that this power is a little broken at the time of writing this guide, but once working as intended it will be a group must have. Bastion is another group power that will protect three of your teammates which is a nice lifesaver.

A favorite controller power on the telekinesis trait tree is Cryokinesis.  It roots the enemies around your target which is essential when your being attacked by a group of mobs.  From the illusion traits, Terrorize is a good single target fear. Also make room for Menace, which lengthens the amount of time your targets are immobilized while you are in the controller role and should always be up while actively in this role.  Finally, keep Psychic Shield on our loadout. This power will protect your groupmates from damage but it is a 100% supercharge ability so it works mostly as a "Oh crap!" sort of power.  It's definitely nice to have when you need it, but you may not use it all that much.

The Mental powerset may be challenging to play, but it can be very rewarding, especially at level cap when groups and PvP are the primary content.  If you have a Mental character and have found that magical loadout, be sure to stop by our forums and share it with other budding Mentalists!

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