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DC Universe Online - Tour of Metropolis

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DC Universe Online has built a nearly seamless world to allow players to roam without the need to wait for zones to load.  Seamless, however, does not mean that DCUO lacks diversity.  With the use of districts throughout the two cities, the game has managed to make each level range of a character's personal storyline feel completely different from the next without inhibiting travel and exploration.  Get to know the world of DCUO just a little bit more with this tour of one of the iconic and central gameplay points in game, the city of Metropolis.  As the home of Superman and the backdrop of all sorts of questionable evil activity, players will surely enjoy the touches of nostalgia mixed in with the commotion of world in need of a hero.



The Chinese influence is strong in this district, as are the zombies.  Chinatown is a magical epicenter of other-worldly happenings and low level players who find themselves here will need all of their skills to fight against the unknown and mystical beings that have taken over.


Suicide Slums

The filthy industrial district is aptly named for its depressing ambiance and shady characteristics.  The Steelworks mill in Suicide Slums pumps pollution into the dreary air, and the shipyard provides a good fight for higher level players.  Need a place to kick back? The Ace of Clubs is the perfect hideout for villains who need a moment to relax.


Tomorrow District

There is a lot going on in the Tomorrow District.  Circe and Giganta have waged war here so many beastiamorphs roam the streets and you can spot Amazons doing their best to stave off evil.  This mid-level district features a nearly destroyed metro station and the very interesting STAR Labs that proves to be a bit dangerous for travelers.


Little Bohemia 

Little Bohemia is a college town with its centerpiece being University of Metropolis.  This funky district has plenty to do for low level players that goes beyond just battling Brainic's forces.  Get involved with Lex Luthor's weird experiments around the university, find out what the HIVE have been up to, or have some fun with some angry little gorillas on the boardwalk.



Corruption and demons have taken over Midtown.  The hospital in this district has something scary going on with some pretty ticked off metahumans.  It's definitely worthwhile to have a peek inside to see what nastiness you can enjoy!  Centennial Park, where Superman's statue overlooks the grounds, isn't immune to its own strife with crashed STAR Labs vehicles laying around.



Part of Centennial Park flows into the Downtown District from Midtown and is a great example of the game's seamless flow from one district to another.    Downtown Metropolis has some of the most recognizable locations in the city.  Visit the Daily Planet where Lois Lane is surely typing out her latest news story or stare in awe at the LexCorp Tower that casts its shadow over the entire area.


Historic District 

The eastern most part of the city is the Historic District which contains the Museum of Art (currently being held hostage), City Hall which lays in ruins, and the Courthouse. Throughout the district you'll find the laterns fighting against each other in a brilliant display. Be careful not to get caught in their crossfire!

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