DCUO February Update - An Exclusive Q&A with Chris Cao

Posted Tue, Feb 01, 2011 by Ethec

DC Universe Online has launched with the impact of Superman’s uppercut. Between giggling like insane fanboys while playing the game for “research”, we heard that SOE has a great deal of new content rolling out in the next few months. To get the details, Ten Ton Hammer sat down with Game Director Chris Cao in the spacious Justice League Watchtower.

Ten Ton Hammer: What else does SOE have in store for February?

Chris Cao: Beyond that, Bane has been redone as a duo. We have even more boss fights and more loot going into the Cape Carmine Lighthouse. In this case, we’ve made it quite a bit trickier – it’s going to be sort of a level up for all those people used to doing duos. We’re adding in an open world PvP event, so there’s going to be even more of a reason to gank newbs or be ganked by them… as I was last night by a gang of fifteens, it was kind of humiliating.


DC Universe Online announces its next DLC pack with Amazon Fury Part I, a new storyline involving Wonder Woman, the Amazons, and more.

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