DC Universe Online Game Update 5 "Coming Soon"

Help Superman and Lex Luthor decide the fate of the Fortress of Solitude in DCUO’s new update.
Game Update 5: The Fate of the Fortress is "coming soon" according to DC Universe Online according to a recent Facebook update. The latest update will add a “Hard” mode to the HIVE Moon Base Alert, a new PvP arena, dueling, a new raid and more.

The new raid continues the fight for the Fortress of Solitude and players will have to aid DC Universe Online’s heroes and villains such as Superman and Lex Luthor to decide the fate of the fortress. The update also hints at the appearance of certain other iconic DC characters such as Superman’s father and Zod.

While no solid release date was given, DC Universe Online is scheduled to adopt a free-to-play model later this month, so it’s probably fair to speculate that the update will likely accompany that launch. Check out the Game Update 5: The Fate of the Fortress Test server patch notes for more details.

Source: DC Universe Online Facebook Page

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