DC Universe Online's Home Turf DLC Launches Today

New themed player housing arrives in DC Universe Online along with Lair PvP, new features, and more missions.

DC Universe Online (DCUO) gets its latest content update today with Home Turf, a new DLC that adds themed player housing to the game with Lairs. Like Batman and the Batcave or Superman and Fortress of Solitude, you too can establish your own base of operation for your hero or villain. Player bases come with a Mainframe and Dispenser, which can access upgrades and boosts when powered. Bases also allows for Lair Battle PvP, which lets players fight it out in their own bases.

In addition to bases, new missions, mods, and raid bounties have also been added. Get all the details on the latest update in the Home Turf patch notes.

Home Turf is available for free to DCUO Legendary subscribers and available in the Marketplace for free and premium members.

Source: DCUO Home Turf Patch Notes

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