DC Universe Online Launches Game Update 7: Season's Greedings

DC Universe Online brings in the holidays with the launch of Game Update 7: Season’s Greedings and new festive events.
Sony Online Entertainment said earlier this week that DC Universe Online’s Game Update 7: Season’s Greedings would be “coming soon” and they've kept true to their word. The update recently went live, adding new festive holiday events to the game.

Larfleeze, the devious leader of the Orange Lanterns, has broken out his Santa hat for a little holiday mischief by hiding stolen presents around Gotham City and Metropolis. Heroes and villains alike can take to the streets to help recover the stolen presents to earn a few holiday-themed gifts of their own. Additionally, the update also includes a new PvP arena, a number of fixes and more.

Patch notes for Game Update 7 are available on the DC Universe Online forums.

Source: DC Universe Online website

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