DC Universe Online PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer

DCUO makes its debut on the PlayStation 4 today. Get a look at the new shiny graphics in the official launch trailer.

Just one of several games launching under the free-to-play model on the PlayStation 4 today is Sony Online EntertainmentÂ’s DC Universe Online (DCUO). Earlier this week SOE dropped Game Update 31, adding new gameplay improvements and a graphical overhaul to DCUO, improving the game across all platforms and prepping it for the PlayStation 4 launch. If you havenÂ’t tried it out on the PC or PlayStation 3 already, you can get a look at what DCUO has to offer in the PlayStation 4 launch trailer below.

DCUO can be downloaded and played for free on the PlayStation 4 today. If you have friends on the PlayStation 3 you'll be happy to know that they'll be sharing the same servers as PlayStation 4 players, so if you choose to play on the newer platform you can still play together.

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