DCUO: Origin Crisis DLC Launches on May 14th

Updated Tue, May 07, 2013 by Martuk

SOE has dated the 7th DLC pack for DC Universe Online (DCUO) with Origin Crisis. The new DLC officially launches on Tuesday, May 14th with early access starting on Tuesday, May 8th for subscribers. The new DLC will include the new Quantum power set, which will give players access to the power to manipulate time and space. Additionally new items, gear, and other rewards will also be available.

The story of Origin Crisis features a war raging between a council made up of alternate reality and future Batmen and Lex Luthors as they draw players into their battle spanning time and alternate universes.

As with previous DLCs, Origin Crisis will be available for free to Legendary subscribers and available to others in the Station Marketplace

Source: DCUO: Origin Crisis Announcement

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