DCUO Previews Tides of War Summer Event

DC Universe Online primes a new event for this summer that will add new missions, an Alert and more.

SOE has posted a new teaser for this summer’s event in DC Universe Online (DCUO). The new event will focus on a conflict between Aquaman and his traitorous brother, Ocean Master.  Players will have the chance to assist Aquaman or Ocean Master in a new 4-player Alert open to levels 5 and up along with new missions and rewards.

Now, the Atlantean civil war has exploded. Intense fighting has breached the waves and spilled over into the surface world. Loyal Atlanteans and Mutineers have brought ships and battle to the waters between Little Bohemia and Metropolis, and both will need your help if they are to win victory. Who will prevail?

DCUOÂ’s Tides of War event will go live with Game Update 16 (GU16). No date has been set for GU16 yet, so stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you when we have more.

Source: DCUO Tides of War Event Announcement

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