DCUO Tides of War Event Starts Today with GU27

DC Universe Online kicks off its summer event today with combat improvements and new PvP maps.

Patch day has arrived once again for SOE’s DC-based MMOG, DC Universe Online (DCUO). Game Update 27 is now live and so is this year’s summer event, the Tides of War. The Tides of War event brings back the civil war for Atlantis between Aquaman and his half brother as the fight spills over into Metropolis.

In addition to the new summer event, the update also includes a number of combat improvements with better synchronization, counter immunity improvements, crowd control changes, and more. New PvP maps are also available with additional game modes and a new reward structure.

Check out the DCUO GU27 patch notes for all the latest changes.

Source: DCUO GU27 Patch Notes

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