DC Universe Online Review

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Launching an MMOG is always a risky prospect, but it's even more of a gamble when you're doing so within the superhero game sub-genre. Historically, games featuring spandex and capes rarely perform up to the standards of the rest of the industry. SOE has taken their gamble one step further with DC Universe Online by also introducing an action-based combat system that makes heavy use of mechanics usually not seen outside the world of single player console games.

Being a superhero is intended to be a flat-out FUN experience. From smashing cars over your enemies' heads to scaling gigantic skyscrapers with ease, MMOGs in this genre have had a difficult time reliably delivering the thrill of being a hero or villain worthy of comic book pages.
So... did their gamble pay off? Or will the frantic button mashing and quick pace of an action-based MMOG turn away the stalwart fans of more tactical gameplay? Find out these answers and more in Ten Ton Hammer's Official Review of DC Universe Online.
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