Dungeons and Dragons Online: New Character Build - The Dwarven Ranger

With the mixture of races and classes in DDO, there are a vast number of different builds that you can create for your character.

With the mixture of races and classes in DDO, there are a vast number of different builds that you can create for your character. To that end, we offer the following build: the Dwarven Ranger. Please note that this build is a suggestion, not the most potent mixture of min/maxing to make your character a slayer of gods.

Dwarven Ranger
Ranger Hybrid

Good DPS, lots of Hit Points

By taking fighter levels, loses out on fifth favored enemy

foe fleeing dwarf
All foes flee before the dwarf!
So, you’re sick and tired of those pointy-eared, stick-legged wussies make fun of you, saying that your people move as quietly as a landslide? Well, now’s the time for you to shut their gobs! You’ll show them that a dwarf can be quiet and sneaky while still kicking butt. If you want to be as tough as a mountain, move like a shadow, and kick ass like a threshing machine, then the Dwarven Ranger is for you!

The Dwarven Ranger is a hybrid of ranger and fighter. You’ll put out a good amount of damage, and be able to take a ton of damage that would drop weaker races. Your focus here is survivability. It might take you one or two more whacks with your blades to kill the monsters, but that’s ok. You’ll have the hit points to take an additional shot or two. Other guys might have a higher damage output, but they’re just a flash in the pan. A few hits and they’ll go down, but you’ll still be the one standing.

Dwarf (for hit points and saves)

True Neutral (avoids all alignment damage)

Starting Abilities
28 Point Build
STR 16
DEX 14
CON 17
INT 12

Advancement by Level
 2  RANGER  
 8  RANGER  

You’ll take Fighter at levels 3 and 7 to gain the fighter bonus feats.

Favored Enemies
Undead, Giants, Evil Outsiders, and Constructs

Tumble: Put a fair number of points into this (to reduce falling damage and to  get out of trouble in combat)
Move Silently: Keep maxed out for stealth
Hide: Keep maxed out to not be seen
Balance: Put about 10-12 ranks in this (getting up fast in combat keeps you alive)
Jump: Max out to be able to move far more than your foes will expect

It’s up to you on what order you take them, but by level 20 you should have:

Dwarven Axe Attack II
Dwarven Axe Damage II
Dwarven Constitution II
Dwarven Spell Defense III
Fighter Haste Boost I
Fighter Strength I
Fighter Strategy: Trip I
Fighter Toughness I
Racial Toughness IV
Ranger Dexterity II
Ranger Favored Attack II
Ranger Favored Damage IV
Ranger Favored Defense II
Ranger Favored Resistance III
Ranger Sprint Boost I
Ranger Tempest III

This build will allow you to play a sneaky, but hardy, Dwarf Ranger. You’ll be a good scout and deadly in combat. As a Dwarf Ranger, you’ll be able to beat those pesky elves at their own game. You’ll be in the thick of any fighting, dishing out a good amount of damage, but able to survive some punishing blows. You’ll be able to solo rather well with this build, and it’s respectable within a group.

A special thank you to Hydra Ex who was the inspiration for this build.

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