A Newbie’s Guide to DDO: Part 2 – Classes and Races

Posted Tue, Apr 12, 2011 by jeffprime

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Ah, welcome back, my friend! I see that you have more questions about beginning your adventures in the mystical, dangerous world of Eberron. I can see from your questions that you not only wish to survive Dungeons and Dragons Online, but you wish to thrive. Very good. The first thing you can do is to buy me, Prelixin, the much-heralded sage and loremaster, a bottle of the finest wine that The Halfling’s Armpit has in stock. Afterward, we can continue our discussion which will, hopefully, lead you to riches, wine, and glory!

The Classes

Overall, there are eleven different classes that an adventurer has to choose from in DDO. You are not limited to your initial class choice as you gain in power and prestige. No, my friend, you can choose to take a level in a different class when you accumulate enough experience to go up a level. You can take levels in up to three different classes if you wish to do so. Some benefits of multi-classing are that you can get abilities that are not available to your initial class (such as spells). The downside is that you are diluting your abilities across a broad range as opposed to focusing on a specific goal. Spells, for example, do not follow a regimented increase. A 20th level spell is more than twice the power of a spell that can be cast at 10th level. However, the ability to have up to three classes in your makeup allows for a great deal of flexibility.

dungeons and dragons online
Hmmm...what to choose...what to choose?

As I have said, there are eleven different classes, and those classes are grouped into three broad categories. There is the melee category, which contains classes that like to hit things with a heavy object and make them fall down, preferably bleeding and dying. The spell category is comprised of….classes that primarily use spells to get things done! Big surprise there, I know. Lastly, there is the specialist category in which the classes perform…shall a say a unique function? Very well, then I shall do so. As the tavern wench is warming up my buttered rum, let’s run over the different classes. Some are available to all players, whilst others you have to either pay for or accumulate enough favor to unlock. (Favor is something you earn from various factions as you complete quests. I will fully discuss favor in the next part of my guide.)

For each class, I will list the necessary alignment (chaotic, lawful, good, neutral, etc.) as well as the Hit Die (you gain the maximum points per level so a d12 means that you will get 12 hit points before any Constitution bonus per level). Also, I will mention the number of Skill Points that each class gets per level, and what skills are Class Skills (a Class Skill is a skill that you spend one Skill Point to get one rank).


dungeons and dragons online
The Fighter is always
up for kicking ass.
Fighter: The basic melee class in DDO, the Fighter can be a very versatile warrior. They can use sword and shield, two weapons, or large two-handed weapons. Their primary ability is Strength for use in combat, so Strength should be increased as the Fighter levels. Fighters also get bonus feats (more on feats later) so they can really specialize in kicking ass. They can wear all armor types and shields without any negatives towards attacking. Fighters can gain Strength enhancements (more on enhancements later on) as they level.
Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d10
Skill Points: (2 + Intelligence Modifier) x4 at 1st level
                  2 + Intelligence Modifier per level after 1st
Class Skills: Intimidate, Jump, Repair, Swim

Barbarian: A warrior type that wears light or medium armor and specializes in dishing out damage. They gain special abilities while in a frenzied state. They are used best when dropping enemies quickly as that their Armor Class is less than normal Fighters and going into a frenzied state lowers their Armor Class even more. Barbarians can get Constitution enhancements as they level.
Alignment: Any Non-Lawful
Hit Die: d12
Skill Points: (4 + Intelligence Modifier) x4 at 1st level
                  4 + Intelligence Modifier per level after 1st
Class Skills: Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Swim

Paladin: A holy warrior than can cast divine spells. They have great saving throws and are immune to fear and disease. They can lay their hands on people and heal them and can also help party members with their passive auras against evil. They only knock is that they can get a might preachy, but ol’ Prelixin learned early on in his questing days to just nod and tune them out. Paladins can gain Charisma enhancements as they level.
Alignment: Lawful Stupid…I mean Lawful Good
Hit Die: d10
Skill Points: (2 + Intelligence Modifier) x4 at 1st level
                  2 + Intelligence Modifier per level after 1st
Class Skills: Concentration, Diplomacy, Heal, Intimidate

dungeons and dragons online
My Kung-Fu is better
than your Kung-Fu!
Monk: This class is free to VIP members (subscribers); otherwise you’ll have to purchase this class from the DDO store. The Monk is your martial-artist, kung-fu fighter. They usually fight without weapons, shields, or armor and use Ki to perform incredible battle techniques. They are devastating fighters, but do tend to get worn down in a prolonged fight. I travelled for a time with a Monk named Broos Leigh. He was a pretty stoic guy, but his taste in clothing was terrible. He always wore this eye-bleeding bright yellow outfit that a half-blind orc can see from a mile away.
Alignment: Any Lawful
Hit Die: d8
Skill Points: (4 + Intelligence Modifier) x4 at 1st level
                  4 + Intelligence Modifier per level after 1st
Class Skills: Balance, Concentration, Diplomacy, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Tumble

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