DDO Rogue Build: Ranged Repeater

Rogues can do more than backstab in DDO. They can kill you with crossbows! Here is a DDO rogue build for the ranged repeater.
ddo rogue build - ranged repeater

Rogues in Dungeons and Dragons Online are a sneaky lot. They can kill you by backstabbing you with pointy blades and loot your purse before you blink. However, if you don’t want to get blood on your fancy clothes, then the DDO rogue build of the ranged repeater is for you. Now you can pincushion your foes with your incredible marksmanship. There’s more than one way to skin a kobold!

Disclaimer: As always, this build does not represent the uber min/max build that will lift you from the gutters to Mount Olympus. Feel free to make changes to suit your play style and likes/dislikes. This build is meant to only be a starting point, and always remember the point of playing is to have fun.

DDO Rouge Build: Ranged Repeater

The purpose of this build is to create a rogue that strikes from a distance and get the hell out of Dodge if cornered. You’ll do good damage and have a high rate of survivability. The surprise factor is always fun too. Everybody knows that all Rogues use short swords or rapiers! Also please note that all levels are Rogue levels.

Race: Human
Humans have no stat penalties. They also get a free feat, an additional skill point per level, and access to the Human Versatility enhancement line.

Alignment: True Neutral
Being True Neutral allows you to use items with Stability bonuses. While there aren’t any True Neutral weapons out there, your Use Magic Device (UMD) skill should overcome any obstacles.

ddo rogue build - ranged repeater
Killing them with style!

Starting Stats for DDO Rogue Build: Ranged Repeater

Stat 32 pt build
STR 10
DEX 16
CON 12
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 12

As you level, you will want to put your extra stat gains into your Dexterity. You will also want to use tomes to increase your stats as well. Intelligence and Dexterity are the primary stats to increase first.

ddo rogue build - ranged repeater

Feats for DDO Rogue Build: Ranged Repeater

Level Feat
1 Point Blank Shot
1 Rapid Shot
3 Precise Shot
6 Rapid Reload
9 Toughness
10 Improved Evasion
12 Improved Critical: Ranged Weapons
13 Crippling Strike
15 Improved Precise Shot
16 Slippery Mind
18 Quick Draw
20 Skill Mastery

ddo rogue build - ranged repeater

Enhancements for DDO Rogue Build: Ranged Repeater

This DDO rogue build centers on the Rogue Mechanic enhancements that adds your Intelligence bonus to damage inflicted by light (Rogue Mechanic I) or heavy (Rogue Mechanic II) crossbows. In addition, Rogue Mechanic increases the DC of traps you set and traps are the best friend of a ranged rogue. The capstone enhancement is Rogue Cheat Death, which adds +2 to Dexterity and a chance at self-resurrection. If you want to make different choices, then you’re free to do so, but you’ll definitely need Rogue Mechanic.
  • Rogue Extra Action Boost I
  • Rogue Haste Boost I
  • Rogue Skill Boost I-IV
  • Rogue Cheat Death
  • Rogue Fire Trap Lore I
  • Human Adaptability Dexterity I
  • Human Greater Adaptability Intelligence I
  • Human Improved Recovery I-II
  • Human Versatility I-IV
  • Iron Companion
  • Racial Toughness I-II
  • Rogue Mechanic I-II
  • Rogue Sneak Attack Training I-IV
  • Rogue Disable Device I-III
  • Rogue Open Lock I-III
  • Rogue Dexterity I-II
  • Rogue Improved Trap Sense I-II

ddo rogue build - ranged repeater

Skills for DDO Rogue Build: Ranged Repeater

The first ten skills listed below are the most important. As always, you want to make sure that you’re proficient in tasks that require a Rogue to do (traps, locked doors). Tumble is very important as it allows you to get out of a tight corner. Some players like a high haggle, but I tend to use an alt for my buying. The final choice for your skills is up to you. Make sure that you upgrade your equipment as you level, making sure that you have the maximum bonus for skills that you can get from items.
  • 1: Balance
  • 2: Open Lock
  • 3: Search
  • 4: Tumble
  • 5: Hide
  • 6: Disable Device
  • 7: Use Magic Device
  • 8: Diplomacy
  • 9: Move Silently
  • 10: Spot
  • 11: Intimidate
  • 12: Haggle
  • 13: Jump
With this build, you’ll be able to rain down ranged death upon your enemies. Better yet, after you start shooting them and they try to rush you, they’ll stumble upon the traps you’ve set out. If cornered, you can tumble away to safety and keep pelting them with your repeating crossbow. Overall, this DDO rogue build features the light repeating crossbow, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

ddo rogue build - ranged repeater

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