Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 7 Hands-On Preview

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In addition to two premium races and a number of improvements, Update 7 introduces a vast amount of free content to Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Ten Ton Hammer recently played through most of it with commentary from from Design Director Iain Currie and Producer Eric Boyer. A vast monster invasion is about to begin, and DDO players will soon play a principal role in stemming the tide.

The meat and potatoes of Update 7 is a brand new level 12 story arc revolving around an ominous influx of monsters from Drooam, a monster kingdom previously on peaceful terms with the Coin Lords of Stormreach. To quell the growing unease in Stormreach (or perhaps to delay StormreachÂ’s preparations for all-out invasion), Drooam has sent Hesstess, a medusa, as an ambassador to negotiate with Stormreach.

A look at the first part of the new Droaam story arc, plus new details and hints on the expansive Endless Night event coming later this month, in an all-new Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 7 Hands-On Preview.

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