Defiance New Player Guide

Posted Tue, Apr 02, 2013 by ricoxg

Trion Worlds is trying to break digital ground with their new game and television series, Defiance. As a gamer, this is something I want to support because the more borders we kick down in the industry more this magnificently unique pastime of ours benefits. Trion Worlds is becoming known for knocking on their share of borders, though sometimes more successfully than others. Whether Defiance ends up being a success for them remains to be seen. I like a lot of what I’ve seen of the game so far, but there are a few hurdles that could drive away new players. Before you rage quit take a quick read through these newbie tips. You may find that a little knowledge makes the game more enjoyable than you expected.

Understanding the UI

If Defiance has any problem, it’s the insanely complicated UI. This thing had to have been developed by cocaine-fueled Pols, because it could only make sense to the same minds that managed to unravel the mystery of the Enigma Machine. This UI is a beast, and appears to be some hybrid of a console-interface. Whatever the genesis, crazy is what it is now. Here are some important things you’ll need to know to get around:

  • Exiting the Game – When just getting out of Defiance is all you want to do, hit Esc, hold down the space bar, and you’ll see the exit button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can also type /exit or /quit in chat.
  • Deleting Items – Not every inventory screen has the delete option. Type I to enter your inventory, select an item that is not currently equipped, and the delete button shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen. Remember, not every inventory screen has the delete option. (I said it again to see if it made more sense the second time. It didn’t.)
  • Equip Perks – Perks aren’t enabled automatically. You have to equip them on the Loadout screen (L), and initially you can only use one at a time. As you level up, you gain the ability to equip more at once, but more on perks in a bit.
Defiance New Player Guide

Not that you’ll be looking for it very quickly, but the exit button can be a pain to find.

Starting and Leveling

Now that you know how to navigate the UI, there are a few things you need to know as you start your experience in Defiance. First, it’s not obvious when you start your new character, but “Origin” doesn’t make any difference. It only determines what weapons you start with. Once you’re in the game, you can pick up and use any weapon you like, and there are no restrictions on gaining EGO abilities.

Because Defiance is a system without classes, there are also no restrictions on which weapons you can use. You can pick-up and wield any you find as long as you have the inventory space for them. There are reasons to pick a weapon and stick with it, however. Weapons are associated with skills, and those skills can be leveled up to grant stat bonuses. Keep an eye on your weapon skills, and when one reaches max level, try using another for a while.

There is safety in numbers, and leveling tends to go faster as well. You don’t have to even be in a group. Just running missions and killing stuff in the same general area as other players will net you more experience and better loot. While many missions can be completed solo, and there are tons of side missions that don’t need to be completed at all, it’s often worth your time to stop and join in if you see a group of players working to complete a mission you had planned to skip.

Defiance New Player Guide

In Defiance, hunting around other players isn’t just less dangerous, it’s more rewarding too.

EGO Sum ens Omnipotens

The EGO is where you start really defining how you play the game. It’s accessed by hitting the K key on your keyboard. In the EGO menu, you can spend points on new abilities, perks, or upgrade already unlocked versions of either. Everything has multiple levels, with each level increasing the functionality of the ability or bonuses of the perk.

You will start off the first time by selecting whatever you want your first ability to be. Then, as you level up, you get points to purchase more. You only have access to a single ability at a time and a limited number of perks, so choose wisely. You can purchase another ability to open up another section of the EGO grid, but you can also work your way there through perks. Each perk or ability you unlock opens up future access to any locked perks around it.

Here’s a handy EGO Calculator to help you see what each of the perks are and plan the route you want to take. To get you started, the four available abilities are:

  • Blur – Allows you to run faster, dodge better, and gives a pretty big boost to melee attacks against shields.
  • Cloak – Makes you invisible, obviously. Also recharges your shields if they’ve become damaged.
  • Decoy – Creates several holographic copies of yourself to distract enemies. Using the power again causes you to swap places with one of the decoys.
  • Overcharge – Weapons do more damage, have reduced recoil, and reload instantly.

Just wanted to say thank you for the tips. Until I read this I've literally been force closing the game lol. I signed up here just to post and say thanks for your guide. Cheers

You're welcome, mate. Glad it helped someone.

Hah - I had none of my ego boosts equipped! This guide is a huge help!!!

I just started playing this game and it is a blast!

Thanks so much!!

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