Defiance Weapons and Salvaging Guide

Posted Wed, Apr 03, 2013 by ricoxg

You’re playing the new Defiance game, and you’re confused about how weapons work and how to use the crafting system. You’re not alone. In fact, we were confused, too, which is why we took the time to figure things out for you. This guide will take you through some of the basic principles of weapons and crafting, and get you on your way to hunting arkfall like a fully-kitted pro.

ARMS 101 – Intro to Weaponology

In Defiance, you’re not restricted to (or from) anything; the game has no classes, so every weapon type is available. There are some basic things you need to be aware of in order to make better use of all those available weapons, however. To begin with, there are a ton of weapon types:

Defiance Weapons and Salvaging Guide

A good selection of weapons is the hallmark of an experienced Ark Hunter… Or a newb with a pre-order.

  • Advanced Weapon – Various weapons that can be picked up for limited use in some missions.
  • Assault Rifle – Medium to long range weapon with a high rate of fire. Fire in short bursts for maximum effect.
  • Bio-Magnetic Gun – Has two modes, one for killing energy by draining it from enemies, and another that redirects that energy to friendly players in the form of healing.
  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – Reach out and touch someone round by round with this weapon at extreme range.
  • Charge Sniper Rifle – Another weapon for extreme ranges, but holding down the trigger charges up the shot for more damage.
  • Combat Shotgun – Short-ranged semi-automatic boom-stick of death.
  • Detonator – There seem to be a few things that fall under this category. Probably should have just called them, “Crap That Goes Boom.”
  • Grenade Launcher – The standard n00b tube, though it is handy for when the wimps won’t come out from behind that cover.
  • Grenade – Known as the Pineapple Express since World War II, a grenade is a great way to clear a room before entering.
  • Guided Rocket Launcher – Exactly what it sounds like, fire a rocket and guide it in to the target.
  • Infector – Remember those Alien movies? Infect your target and watch Junior burst forth in spectacular fashion.
  • Light Machine Gun – Medium range weapons with large magazines for when volume counts for more than accuracy.
  • Manual Sniper Rifle – I’m not sure why this is separate. There are both semi-auto and bolt-action rifles under this heading.
  • Pistol – Short on range, but great for taking down that single target. I’m actually wanting to try these with cloak. I think it could work well.
  • Pump Shotgun – Close range weapon that’s sort of the middle of the pack with shotguns. Good speed, magazine capacity, and damage.
  • Rocket Launcher – Back-blast area all clear! Point and click self-propelled carnage, just be sure you’ve got them faced the right way.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun – Extreme close range weapon with limited magazine, but these guys are death in the hand. I call mine Thumper.
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle – Extreme range, but not quite as accurate or as high damage per shot as their bolt-action cousins. They’re great for providing cover as friends move forward.
  • Shotgun – Not sure why this is a separate type; it contains some of the other types, but not all of them.
  • Spread Rocket Launcher – Fires a number of rockets at a time to rain damage over a large area at long range.
  • Sub-Machine Gun – The ultimate run-and-gun weapon, these are only good at close range, but rapid rates of fire and good magazine capacity make them popular.

Ammo Science

Additionally, though you can resupply ammo from any one of several unlimited supply points, while you’re in missions you’ll have to make do with what drops. In each of the two weapons slots in your loadout, it’s best to equip weapons that work on different ammo types. As you loot ammo from fallen enemies, it’ll refill some of either type. Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, and Heavy Machine Guns all use the same ammo, so try not to use more than one of the three at a time.

Defiance Weapons and Salvaging Guide

The fire icon on the right shows that this sniper rifle will do additional fire damage, but no slots means it can’t be upgraded at all (not the four dashes, ----, to the right of the icon).

Also, ammo can come with various bonuses to apply differing damage types and effects. Those types are:
  • Corrosive – Acid damage over time
  • Incendiary – Fire damage over time
  • Siphon – Siphons health from enemy over time
  • Radiation – Damages shields and makes enemy more susceptible to damage
  • Electrical – Stuns some enemies and disables the HUD of other Ark Hunters in PvP
  • Biological – Slows the movements of enemies

Pro-Tip: Some weapons have an ammo-type applied to them natively, but others require the weapon be modified.

Head to page two for the details on salvaging in Defiance.

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