Buy a Copy of Defiance and Get RIFT Loot

Trion Worlds tempts new players to try Defiance by offering RIFT loot for buying a copy of the game.

If you play RIFT and have considered giving Defiance a try, Trion has offered up a nice little deal to buy one and get loot in the other. For a limited time, players can purchase a Standard or CollectorÂ’s Edition box copy of Defiance and receive some loot for both Defiance and Trion's other MMORPG, RIFT. Just pick up your copy of Defiance and youÂ’ll also get a Ghost Hellbug mount, Votan Fragger weapon transmog, and $5 in RIFT Store Credits until the offer ends.

Additional details on redemption of items and the promotion are available on the Defiance website.

Source: Defiance/RIFT Promotion

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