Defiance 7th Legion DLC Launches Today

Posted Tue, Feb 04, 2014 by Martuk

It’s patch day for Defiance. Today marks the official launch of the 3rd DLC installment to Trion’s dubbed “transmedia” MMOG with the 7th Legion. The 7th Legion DLC adds the new 7th Legion faction to Defiance, new contracts and stipends for members that complete incursions, new 7th Legion weapons, mods, shield effects, and more.

PC and Xbox 360 players can download the DLC starting today. PlayStation 3 Season Pass holders can also download the DLC, but standalone versions will be made available to PS3 players on February 18th in the US and February 19th in EU. In the meantime, you can read the official patch notes below.

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  • Receive the Badlands Ronin Outfit, a 7th Legion Wanyu pump shotgun, a 7th Legion Inagaki bolt-action sniper rifle, and a 7th Legion shield!


  • 7th Legion provides contracts for taking down Incursions and arkfall bosses.
  • It also provides a faction stipend for members who complete Incursions.


  • 7th Legion Sumimoto – Assault Rifle
  • 7th Legion Nezumi - SMG
  • 7th Legion Yamato - LMG
  • 7th Legion Raijin – Combat Shotgun
  • 7th Legion Yojimbo – Sawed-off Shotgun
  • 7th Legion Daicho – Semi-auto Sniper Rifle
  • 7th Legion Tetsuho – Heavy Pistol
  • 7th Legion Wanyu – Pump Shotgun
  • 7th Legion Inagaki – Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • 7th Legion Gashima - Detonator


  • New Mods: Fury synergy mods improve 7th Legion weapons!
  • New Vendor: A 7th Legion faction vendor sells the 7th Legion weapons and lock boxes


  • Focus – Reduces recoil and spread after shield break
  • Zanzou – 10% chance to release a decoy on shield break
  • Surge – 50% melee damage bonus after shield fully recharges


  • One Lucky Kitty, Shogun Master and Incursion Excursion now available!


  • 7th Legion Samurai
  • Tsunami Samurai
  • Phantom Samurai
  • Shinigami Samurai
  • Badlands Ronin
  • Tsunami Ronin
  • Shinigami Ronin
  • 7th Legion Ronin
  • Sedge Hat
  • Votan Rebreather
  • Tactical Rebreather



  • Incursions provide region-wide dynamic events in which culminate in sieges.


  • New Serenity Academy mutant siege!


  • Top-Notch, Soleptor, and VBI Mod Hoards now give 1 random mod for each slot and may roll EPIC mods.
  • Top-Notch, Soleptor, and VBI lockboxes provide random weapons with their faction’s synergies.



  • When a player is out of a particular consumable, the HUD icon for it now glows red to signify it.
  • Added a cooldown bar for vehicle summoning.
  • Removed green items from merchant when purple items appear
  • Added a new setting in the Gameplay options menu to filter Mass Breakdown by item rarity.
  • Pressing Extract from the map screen while incapacitated now applies the death penalty appropriately
  • The map legend now allows input regardless of its length.
  • Clans: Member options are once again accessible for gamepads.
  • Triage Center emergency can now be completed even if enemies appear nearby.
  • Reduced the counts on Echelon Contracts-- some of them were quite unreasonable.
  • Added Echelon reputation rewards to competitive multiplayer matches.


  • Chat no longer brings up the huge chat window-- instead, brings focus to the chat window.
  • Specify the number of chat tabs and what filters they use on the options screen.
  • If you're using a controller, you can switch chat tabs with the left and right bumper.
  • On a controller, navigate channels by hitting d-pad left while in chat mode, and then the A button.
  • Chat and voice are now separate channels.


  • Weapon Mastery: Sniper Rifles, Shotguns (excluding sawed off), and Detonators/Rocket launchers with clip sizes larger than 1 now get a flat increase to clip size from their mastery, as opposed to a percentage based increase.
  • Volge Battle Rifle reticule now better indicates the spread of the shots when fired from the hip and when aimed.
  • "Volge Battle Rifle Gun" renamed to slightly less redundant "Volge Battle Rifle"
  • Charge bonuses now correctly apply to BMGs.


  • The vehicle bar no longer shows up all the time.
  • Fixed clan rename not working on consoles.
  • Fixed the Warmaster exploit on live.
  • Fix for client hanging on character creation.
  • Fixed crash on cinematics.
  • Resolved some matchmaking issues which could prevent competitive multiplayer matches from beginning.
  • Gameplay setting are saved properly now.
  • Fix for ark batteries not being displayed in chat.
  • Fixed issue that would cause the "Volge Examination" pursuit to not update properly.
  • Fixed missing weapon mastery bonuses.
  • Fixed Clusterdrop projectile to use blue alientech instead of hightech yellow.
  • Fix for guild related pursuits not updating for people who are not logged in at the time the pursuit was completed.


  • Xbox and PS3 Trophies now rewarded to all players who participate in defeating the Warmaster

It was touted by Trick Dempsey and Elizabeth Tobey for months and months to be promised as being the "Storyline content" centric DLC.

But then Trick Dempsey hit the player base with this on the official forums, 2 days or so after the DLC hit the test server:

"There are neither missions nor side missions in the 7th Legion DLC. Incursions occur more frequently with higher populations as high populations complete dynamic events more rapidly. That said, we're looking into increasing their frequency so that more players are certain to encounter them."

And as if that wasn't bad enough, here's the worst part in another post in the same thread on the official forums by Trick:

"Back in September, when this was posted, we were in production on Arkbreaker and in pre-production for 3 more DLCs. At the time, DLC 3 was going to be our first story update, DLC 4 was going to be more mechanically driven, and (no spoilers on DLC 5… yet!) Many of the features of Arkbreaker took longer than expected and required the same resources as our story update. As such, DLC 4, which soon became “7th Legion” moved ahead of DLC 3.

Strangely, this numbering will still be apparent in the audio files for the story update, as all of them will still be tagged for DLC 3. Welcome to game development. "

In case the full meaning/impact of his statements aren't clear:

1. This DLC had no story content. Why? Because if Trick's statements are to be believed, it isnt DLC3; but DLC4 switched and renamed to DLC3 because they "didnt have it ready."


2. Dempsey had mentioned that DLC 3 was supposed to be story driven as recently as Nov/Dec on the live streams on Twitch. If this inability to be released was apparent that soon, why not transparently let the player base know about it then? Why pretend what was going to be fed to players was DLC3 when it was (supposedly) DLC4?

3. Trick waited to mention this DLC "switcheroo" AFTER they announced the DLC approximately 2+ weeks ago and as well AFTER the DLC went up on the Test server AND only AFTER an upset player base complained of there being no story content as promised.

A little too convenient to wait so long after the fact to tell everyone. And as well so patronizing to do so in such a matter-of-fact manner. This indeed was a significant addition to massive pile of things that has very much so alienated Defiance players.

4. And this is the most damning and dismaying point about the above that should have fans here taking serious stock of: CEO Scott Hartsman is signing off on this sort of mess to be fed to the players and setting about Elizabeth Tobey to market it, and Trick Dempsey to then field it from there as "oh oops we switched it."

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