Defiance Deploys First Major Bug Fix Update

Trion releases the first major bug patch for Defiance since launch and promptly brings servers down to fix new bugs.

The first episode of the Defiance television show aired last night and Trion added a small bit of new content to the game by way of new pursuits and the Armistice celebration. Today the first major bug patch also deployed to live servers for the PC and Xbox 360 (PlayStation 3 will get it later). Unfortunately, this also came with its own set of issues and the servers were brought down once again after Trion discovered some issues with the new patch.

As for the good news, the new update contains a slew of new fixes and adjustments such as improved chat functionality, mission fixes, optimizations, weapon changes, and more. While you wait for the servers to come back up, have a look at the full list of patch notes for all the latest fixes.

Sources: Defiance Announcement, Patch Notes

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