Defiance Making Chat System Improvements

By Stacy Jones -

Since Defiance’s launch last April, one of the biggest complaints by players has been about the atrocious chat system. Ask any player that has played since that time just how bad the chat system is and one common complaint will be that it has often felt like an empty world devoid of conversation.

Trion Worlds’ first MMORPG, Rift, which launched in 2011, did so with an excellent UI and a flexible chat system. So it was a surprise to many when Defiance launched and the chat system was so bad. Even more surprising, is that it’s still as bad as it is. Luckily, that long neglected part of the game is finally getting some much needed attention.

In a new developer blog, Defiance Creative Lead Trick Dempsey outlines upcoming changes to the chat system. The new changes will make it easier to chat in text and separate the voice and EGO calls.

The new changes are expected to release alongside the 7th Legion DLC next month. Once that’s done, if we can get some love for that train wreck called an inventory we’ll be getting somewhere.

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