Defiance Producer Teases Patch Notes and Improvements

Defiance Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson chimes in with another update on fixes and tease the upcoming major client patch notes.

Defiance’s first major client patch is scheduled to hit live servers next week and Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson dispatched a new missive today to discuss recent improvements and tease a small part of the patch notes.

Since launch Trion has addressed many of the problems relating to the login patcher and game crashes, but they’re still chasing down a big one that is being caused by a memory corruption issues. A number of other issues have also been fixed since launch such as adjustments to the Shadow War, fixes for the non-saving key binds, and many others, but there is still plenty of work to be done and that is what this next part is about.

Richardsson also teased some of the patch notes for the first major client update scheduled to hit PC and Xbox 360 next Monday or Tuesday and the PlayStation 3 shortly after that. While the notes are not the complete list, a few of the fixes includes improvements to voice chat, a slight improvement for text chat with a longer display time, replayable main missions after completing the finale, a ton of bug fixes, added new emergency types, and lots more.

Check out Richardsson’s full letter and the patch note teaser for the partial rundown of what’s on the way for Defiance.

Source: Defiance Producer's Latter

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