Defiance Producer Updates on Day 6

Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson checks in with another post-launch update on fixes and improvements for Defiance.

ItÂ’s been nearly a week since the official launch of Defiance, and Trion has been working away on a number of issues plaguing the game since its launch. While many of the connectivity issues for the Xbox 360 have been improved, work continues with frequent updates to ensure stability. The priority list currently posted from Richardsson include improvements to server stability to prevent crashes, fixing issues with disappearing items & the Salvage Matrix, and fixing the chat & VOIP systems.

Richardsson also touched on how Trion is addressing other issues, explaining that the initial launch of the first DLC was scheduled to release today but was pushed back a week to further address live issues.

"I also told you the other day that I was working on my omnipotence so what we also did to keep better focus on Live issues is that we moved the kick-off that was supposed to be tomorrow Monday for the next DLC, back a week. It only involved a relatively small part of the team, mainly artists and designers but I figured IÂ’d give you some insight into how we actively prioritize and pivot here. And if you suddenly see Space Unicorns in PVP matches as a result of me and the artists trying fix server crashes, donÂ’t blame me. Just enjoy the moment of Space Unicorn-ess."

Richardsson closed out the blog with a brief update of things to come such as the major bug fix patch in about a week followed by a second patch in about two weeks.

Source: Defiance Day 6 Update

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